Month: August 2011

Picture Of The Day!

I was going through some of my old files and came a cross with this image and wanted to share with all!

Sobana & Syan: 2010’S Most Attractive Newly Weds!

One of the many highlights of 2010 was working with one of our most amazing couples: Sobana and Thusyan. You may recognize this couple as our first clients to bravely pose in front of our camera with a live tiger. This couple’s enthusiasm and courageousness during photo shoots is both admirable and a pleasure to shoot.  As a photographer it is my job and passion to be inspired by photography but as a client, Sobana and Thusyan’s interest in photography as an art form itself was inspiring. Of our many 2010 newlyweds, Sobana and Thusyan are undoubtedly our favourite couple.



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