Month: September 2011

Abi & Karthee: E-Session

It is expected of a photographer to be passionate about photography, but when a client is similarly passionate not only does it make the job of a photographer easier, it in turn results in beautiful pictures. The following pictures are those of Abi and Karthee’s engagement shoot. Abi’s interests in photography as well as aspirations of becoming a photographer herself have made this an easy couple to shoot.  Abi and Karthee tied the knot on September 11th, and their wedding pictures will follow shortly.


Mary & Thanes: E-Session

Over the past year we have had various engagement shoots in which we try to incorporate many different concepts and styles. This particular shoot was unique in its own way due to its location: a museum. As a wedding photographer this was a new concept that we had tried and our amazing couple Mary and Thanes were willing and eager to get the shots that we wanted. The images turned out to have a classic old-fashioned look as we had intended and we hope you will take a look at them.

Jananie & Raj: Married!

Jananie and Raj tied the knot in a traditional Hindu wedding on September 3rd in the presence of family & friends.  As a couple, Jananie and Raj are truly a pleasure to work with.  Their eagerness and sincerity to capture unique and beautiful shots was very refreshing as a photographer.  We encourage you to view their slide show that we put together for them and hope you enjoy it!

Lathipa & Jeya: Married!

On September 3rd Lathipa & Jeya embarked on a new chapter of their lives as husband and wife. Lathipa and Jeya’s calm and collective personalities have transpired into beautiful e-session  and wedding shots, which we hope you will take a look at and enjoy.


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