This particular post is long due but I only had the time to post now. I had the opportunity to work for Aalayaa and their new Kanchipuram Bridal Saree Collections to showcase in JODI 2014 magazine. So we decided to do the photo shoot in Chennai, India.  As it may sound easy but we only had less than one week to prepare for the shoot and this includes finding the models, make up artist, location etc.  But I have to thank Manchthan anna from Aalayaa for the trust he had in me for the whole time while we were in India doing this shoot. Also I like to thank Abi from JODI for putting such an positive spin for making all this come together! But we had our challenges and we were able to pull this together! Never the less its not too late to share some of the images from the shoot.  Enjoy!

Image Credits:

MUAH: Ibrahim and Crew,  Bridal Wear:  Aalayaa Ethnic Designer-Wear, Models: Abirami, Anila, Harini, Madhumanthi, Location: Chennai, India

JODI-2014-001 JODI-2014-002 JODI-2014-003 JODI-2014-004 JODI-2014-005 JODI-2014-006 JODI-2014-007 JODI-2014-008 JODI-2014-009 JODI-2014-010 JODI-2014-011 JODI-2014-012 JODI-2014-013 JODI-2014-014 JODI-2014-015 JODI-2014-016

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