Varshini & Haj: e-shoot

This past wedding season we had the pleasure of working with many wonderful couples.  Varshini and Haj are one of my most recent couples that I’ve had a lot of fun shooting their e-shoot. I have to mention the long walk we took to capture them at the edge of a cliff was mind blowing experience for me.  Here are the images from their E-shoot. Enjoy!V&H-E-001 V&H-E-002 V&H-E-003 V&H-E-004 V&H-E-005 V&H-E-006 V&H-E-007 V&H-E-008 V&H-E-009 V&H-E-010 V&H-E-011 V&H-E-012 V&H-E-013 V&H-E-014 V&H-E-015 V&H-E-016 V&H-E-017 V&H-E-018 V&H-E-019 V&H-E-020 V&H-E-021 V&H-E-022 V&H-E-023 V&H-E-024 V&H-E-025 V&H-E-026 V&H-E-027 V&H-E-028 V&H-E-029 V&H-E-030 V&H-E-031 V&H-E-032 V&H-E-033 V&H-E-034 V&H-E-035 V&H-E-036




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